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About We Hire Agile

We believe in giving everyone the opportunity to write there own paycheck in a every changing environment.

The world we live in is constantly changing but 2020  has marked the end as we know it.  With this change comes exciting opportunities for individuals that are able to quickly adapt and become proactive to change. We at We Hire Agile are dedicated to offering both companies and freelancers the ability to achieve great success through a work from home remote approach.

We’ve noticed a growing number of big tech companies offering their  employees the option to work at home indefinitely

In addition, both large and small businesses are actively searching for freelancers as a new way to reach high-end talent and also as a means to achieve their bottom.

Message from CEO

Our business is continuing to move forward throughout the year 2021 and forward. With so many offices and so many businesses changing their operations over to remote work, freelance professionals are now depended on like never before internationally. Our company revenue continues to scale since I have taken on a leadership role here and we are continuing to leverage the strengths of our talented freelancers.

We have a team of skilled workers who know not only how to work remotely, but how to showcase some of the best in writing, marketing, design, multimedia, development, and more. I salute the freelance team that has been creating clarity in communication with clients, amplifying the strength of our platform, and using the tools that we have built to harness online opportunities.

We are pushing towards a beautiful future of connections for companies worldwide and the chance for our freelancers to offer their skills to more partners using seamless tools. We will be exploring new options to improve delivery, accounting, communication, networking, and more on our platform and the chance to solve gaps in service before they become an issue for our freelance team.

Our platform is going to tackle the process of working from home using the best tools in the industry and with a focus on creating the space for time off, fighting burnout and delegation amongst freelance teams. Whether you are an agency professional, a business owner, or a sole freelancer, we want to offer a better marketplace for your needs.

We want to partner with great educational resources in this coming year to offer courses and specialty training that can help our freelancers boost their skills and access new markets with their newfound knowledge.

People are still skeptical about freelancing being a serious career choice for sustainability, but it is our goal to thrust our platform into a true point of foundation for freelance careers. With the right tools, training, platform and as our team keeps expanding, we are working towards a bright future in online work.

Sonja Cross
Founder, CEO

We're a distributed team spanning multiple cities and timezones.

Our Values


We act with integrity and this honest nature is the foundation for our team and its communication. We are admired for our commitment to honest work and we want to build transparency in our community and with the clients we serve. Our team does the right thing as if our whole community is watching and we would hope that every one of our freelancers acts with the same level of integrity.


Respect on our whole platform is what builds honesty and fairness in a community. We choose to infuse every action with fairness and to offer respect to every team member. We are looking for passionate individuals that want to offer respect in all communication and a true level of respect in every interaction.


Innovation is a catalyst to action by innovating our skills and evolving as a team, we can take risks, encourage our curious side and exceed our expectations. The power to innovate helps us learn from our mistakes and generate the best new solutions in our industry. We hope that anyone on our platform is an innovator alongside our team.

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