Why Becoming a Freelancer Is a Good Idea

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Why Becoming a Freelancer Is a Good Idea

It’s no brainer that COVID-19 came with lots of things. Due to the pandemic, there has been a growing number of professions working from home as freelancers and making a substantial amount of money – some running into six figures. Have you also been thinking about becoming a freelancer for the freedom it gives or just to increase your income?

Well, whether you have been ruminating on the idea of starting freelancing full-time or just as a side hustle, 2021 is the perfect time to bring the idea to life. In this post, I will be showing light on some benefits of becoming a freelancer and why you should take advantage of it now.

Top Benefits of Becoming a Freelancer

#1: You get the chance to be your own boss

This is probably the most common reason people go into taking freelancing as a career. It gives you the ability to be your own boss. There are so many perks that come with being your own boss. No more working with control-freak management, no more getting told off for showing up late at work, no more being clocked in and out of office. You are 100% in charge of your business.

You decide when to work, how much you charge, where to work, and many more. You are simply the master of your ship. That is the freedom lots of people crave – becoming a freelancer delivers it into your hand.

#2: You are in charge of your schedule

Becoming a freelancer gives you the chance to be in full control over when you work. Not everyone conforms to the 9-5 work hours. People work differently, and not everyone feels productive working during the standard 9-5 hours. As a freelancer, if you feel most productive between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., you can work then. Freelancers make their own decisions.

No one is also telling you which version of a website to use or what dress code you should appear in for work. It is all up to you. If you feel like working naked in your living room or wear a jumpsuit in the café with your laptop, you can.

#3: It means an end to office politics

Many employees say office politics is the worst part of their job. It has the horrible habit of making people feel miserable. It compels employees to play for favor between competing teams or managers. But from the day you decide to become a freelancer, you say goodbye to office politics forever!

#4: Freedom to work from anywhere

Being able to work from anywhere is honestly one of the most appealing benefits of working as a freelancer. If you are the type that dreams of traveling around the world without it affecting your work, freelancing can make it happen.

It is your business, and you dictate where you work. Whether you choose to work in a hotel room, coffee shop, in your apartment, or by the pool, it doesn’t matter as long as you get the job done. Regardless of where you get the job done, your client will pay for your work.

So, even if another pandemic arises tomorrow, you can be sure it won’t be affecting how you work because a freelancer is a location-independent worker. You choose to work wherever you like.

#5: You get to earn more income as a freelancer

This may seem obvious but it still needs to be mentioned. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to earn more money than you could as an employee in an office. Whether you take it full-time or just as a part-time hustle, freelancing can help boost your income.

Additionally, there is no limit to how much you can make every month. You don’t have to wait for certain years before you get promoted and receive a raise in income. How much money you make as a freelancer working from home simply depends on your rates and how much work you can take.

#6: You choose the projects you want to work on clients you want to work with

Regular employees at an office don’t have a choice but to work on any projects their boss assigns them. But as a freelancer, you get to choose what projects you will like to take. If you are a writer, you can decide not to write a single sales letter, and if you are a web designer and hate anything tobacco, you can decide not to work with tobacco company websites.

Being a freelancer allows you to choose and work on projects relating to your area of interest and expertise. That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be times you will have to take jobs that are not so motivating, but the majority of your works will be found around your area of interest.

#7: Freelancing provides job security

You are your own boss – no one can fire you. Though there will be rough times along the way, you can be sure with consistency, you will soon be in complete control of your earnings and your future. That’s far better than working for someone who can decide to fire you any time he or she likes. Even in the face of unforeseen circumstances like a pandemic, you will be sure to still have your work.

Final Note

There are lots and lots of reasons you should consider becoming a freelancer today. We have only mentioned a few of them in this post. But the ones above are enough to motivate you to take control of your future and decide how much you earn monthly. Take your time to read through them again and start thinking of how to get the ball rolling.