The top 10 talents that companies look for in the IT field

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The information technology (IT) Department is one industry with many job opportunities. It is an industry that pays very well, and some IT skills allow you to work remotely.

The world keeps developing daily, and new technologies keep evolving. Companies always look for some essential skills that will enhance their productivity and be better than their competitors. This is part of what makes the IT department one of the important industries.

Therefore, you need to understand the most important IT skills for you to have a better and attractive salary. These skills are what companies are looking for, to lift them and render a standard service to their customers.

The top 10 talents that companies look for in the IT field

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the system designed to protect data, networks, programs from cyber attacks. Even in this pandemic period, cybercrime rates increase every day, and companies need to prevent themselves from cyber attacks. It is necessary to recruit cybersecurity experts who can protect the company’s computing system.

Cyber attacks can wreck a company. Imagine the company’s data or sensitive information fall into the hacker’s hand; they may demand ransom or sell it to competitors. Therefore, companies are in demand of cybersecurity experts.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is another talent that companies can’t neglect because they need it. It refers to rendering computing services on the internet; it includes storing, networking, database, software, etc.

Cloud computing gives access to many people to use the same application or software on the internet. Only an expert in this field can handle cloud storage in order not to lose important data. And it also helps in freeing up the internet and enjoying fast internet.

If you have this talent and execute it perfectly, many companies can’t wait to employ your service.

3. Data Analytics

Data analysis helps make decisions; it helps companies know what to do and how to do it. Data scientists help the company collect data, analyze it before using it to solve problems or to decide.

Many companies keep looking for data analytics professionals who are intelligent enough to store and manage data.

4. A.I/Machine Learning

Most large companies have identified the benefits of machine learning. This type of IT service is useful almost in every industry, even in the banks, health sector, governments, etc. It helps companies to prevent fraud, detect threats, data mining, warning signs, etc.

As someone interested in working in the IT department, having AI/Machine Learning skills is an excellent choice.

5. UI/UX Design

Have you ever come across a technical product and you find it friendly to use? That is the work of the UI. It helps you understand how to use a product, such as software, electronic devices, computers.

Having this kind of talent will surely earn you a trustable job because many companies require UI/UX Designers.

6. Programming

Programming remains among the high-demand jobs in the IT field. Programmers help companies to build different applications, either mobile or through coding. The more needs for mobile applications increase, the more coders keep gaining popularity.

7. Project management

It is one of the most important professions. Project management refers to the process of properly handling a project till it reaches completion. A project manager plans, organize, directs, and completes projects.

Apart from companies, some individuals prefer to hand over projects to project managers. This will save them some stress, time, and money. Companies know the value of this skill, and they seriously need it.

8. IT Architecture Strategies

As the company grows, the need for professional IT architecture strategies is essential. The need for strategies and their implementation will make companies look for an IT architecture.

Companies need competent architecture strategists that will interpret their business strategies and make them a reality.

9. Blockchain

Blockchain refers to tamper-proof; it records transactions digitally, whether in a peer-to-peer network or public services. It stores assets with digital code, and it is transparent.

Competent blockchain developers will surely get better jobs in the IT field and other fields because many companies are searching for means to serve their customers better through blockchain.

10. Mobile development

Mobile development is another talent that you would fall in love with. It refers to developing various types of mobile applications. It also helps develop mobile-friendly websites.

Many companies want their website to be accessible through mobile devices and also wish to develop mobile applications. This is part of the reasons mobile developers have access to many opportunities in the IT field.

The fact here is that these top 10 talents are not only high in demand, but they are jobs you can do remotely. They fetch you cool cash and also make you a valuable person in your society. One or two people around you will surely need the above talents.

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